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First and foremost

Mike, for everything — unwavering love, ongoing support, frequent fund top-ups to keep me on the trail, reading my book, and giving invaluable feedback. Most of all, for having the confidence to let his wife go, spread her wings, and find herself.

My children and family for holding their tongues and letting me roll with it.

Helen Shepherd for inviting me to join her PCT journey and show other Type 1 diabetics the innumerable possibilities for adventure that exist in all of us. And for her guidance and friendship.

For work on the book

Samantha Sainsbury, Structural Editor extraordinaire for encouraging a first-time writer and helping me set scenes. I am a novice through and through. The steep learning curve has been tough yet immensely enjoyable and rewarding.

Yvonne Everett, a much admired fellow hiker, and genius, who graciously offered to read my first draft. Without your continual encouragement, this project may never have gotten off the ground.

Helen Shepherd for her photos of me, and her permission for me to include them here.

A shout out to Beta Readers, Monica McCormick and Howard Roberts in particular, whom I found on a Facebook Beta Reader Group Page for assisting me in making this book more readable to a wider audience, not just the hiking community, though they relished my gear suggestions.

Trail Angels

Without you, my PCT journey would not be possible. I am indebted to you all for the help and generosity you provided, whether it was offering rides (to/from trailheads or shuttling Helen and me around town), offering us food/drink/chairs/shade on the trail, and places to stay. For the joy of giving, with no expectation of payment. You are what makes this trail possible for so many adventurous souls.

Amanda from Packwood Inn, Packwood; Anne from Tehachapi; Anne Boyce and friends from Mt Laguna; Bev; Brenda Maselin, Tehachapi; Broken Toe from Hart’s Pass; Buffalo Bob from Big Bear Lake; Chris from Issaquah; Chuck from Bend; Cinnabun from Kelso; Coppertone from Mojave Dam; Darren from Issaquah; Dottie Jansma-Williams from Wrightwood; Jay and Annie Winstead from La Pine; Jeannie-Marie Bianca and Danny from Ashland; Jeff and Donna Saufley from Aqua Dulce; Kerry and Tom from Sonora Pass; Laura Gallagher-Mullen from South Lake Tahoe; Marilyn from Santiam Pass; Maxx from Camp Glenwood; Melinda Hiker-Kayaker from Sedro Woolley; Mike from Horseshoe Meadows; North Fork Ranger Station Carpark TA; Phil from Snoqualmie Pass; PK from Mazama; Rebecca Corbett from LA; Scout and Frodo (Barney and Sandy Mann) from San Diego, and Sue from Onyx to Walker Pass.

Special mention must go to Rebecca Corbett, my No. 1 trail angel, based in Los Angeles, who stored all my medical and clothing supplies and regularly mailed my resupply boxes whenever I requested them. Next time, Rebecca, you’re coming with me for a hiking adventure of your own.  

Businesses who sponsored me

I am indebted to these companies for their generous donation of medical supplies, foot treatments, storage devices, and the best peanut butter in the world.  

Abbott Diabetes Care Australia & NZ—Kanchiny Ramachandran, Consumer Marketing Manager for Freestyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System (Reader and Sensors)

Ultimate Hikes New Zealand, Queenstown, NZ—for Compactor Trash Bags I used as pack liners

Brand Solutions—John Coote, MD – Compeed Blister Plasters

Diabetes Australia—Liam Ferney for FRIO cooling wallets

Pic’s Peanut Butter Nelson, NZ—Jennifer Webb-Brown— for copious supply of Pic’s Peanut Butter Slugs

Businesses who supported me along the way

For fixing my broken equipment, me or offering a freebie.

2 Foot Adventures—Mary in Warner Springs and Kennedy Meadows South (KMS), CA

ATI Physio – Rima—Issaquah, WA

Tehachapi News—Darla Baker—News Journalist, Tehachapi CA

Bellevue Podiatry, WA—Higashi Midori

Jensens Supermarket, Wrightwood, CA

Mountain Hardware, Wrightwood, CA

REI, Issaquah, WA

Weevil Markets, especially Sochia, CA

Individuals who sponsored me

Many of my sponsors continue to sponsor me time and time again. “How many more long-distance walks can this gal continue to do?” they must be thinking. A few more, I would say, but believe me, I am most appreciative of your ongoing support for worthy causes. This year, I can’t thank you enough for supporting Diabetes Australia, a charity close to my heart, as I live with this disease. The funds raised will contribute to better therapies to improve the quality of life for everyone living with diabetes. This should open the opportunities for fit diabetics to undertake adventurous treks, such as the PCT.

Alison and Jonathon Daley, Alison King, Ally Mohr, Andrew McRae, Andrew Ramsay, Andrew Palmer, Anna and Tony Davis, Anni and Steve Lowe, Barbara McClenahan, Belinda and Neil Robertson, Candy Anstee, Carmel Street, Cathy Shugg, Cheryl and Peter McGuigan, Christine Cosser, Colleen Kerr—Optimal Speech Pathology, Corinne Bartholomew, Cynthia Whalley, David Garrick, Debbie Bird, Dilys Geddes, Doug Cox, Donia Melnyk, Elaine Medhurst—Just Books, Bairnsdale VIC, Elayne Verner, Elizabeth Haggett, Elizabeth Melchior, Fiona and Paul Ringrose, Frances Liu, Gail Lawler, Graham Hughes, Jacqui Furlong, James Kellow, Jan Cole, Jan Dennis, Jane Hemingway-Mohr, Jo Merrick, Joanne Farrar, John Pemble, Josephine Iris, Jules Forth, Julie Holland, Kerri Russo, Kim Murnaghan, Kim Wilkinson, Kita Kemp, Kris Mackey, Lisa and Mathew Jose, The Bookshop at Queenscliff, VIC, Lisa Melton, Lorraine Spanton, Louise and Andrew Cameron, Lyn-Maree and Ian Sharpe, Malcolm Boyd, Maree and Greg Simmons, Margaret Scott, Marina Scarf, Marjorie Blakeley, Mary-Jayne House, Lisa and Mathew Jose, The Bookshop at Queenscliff, VIC, Meg Brodie, Melinda Ryan, Michael Harris, Mike Hemingway, Mt Colah Pharmacy, Nancy Lane, Nicola Robinson, Nicola Woods, Pamela Davis, Pip Davies, Pru Thomas, Prue Barron, Raina Laughton, Richard Yabsley, Rita Henry, Robyn Hanchard, Sara and Dave Franks, Sara and Andrew Wakeling, Sarah Ross-Smith, Simon Calton, Simone Allen, Griffith University Campus Bookshop, QLD, Sydney Sole Sisters walking group, Sophia Webb, Stacey Moore – Bookgrove Books, Oceangrove VIC, Stefan Mohr, Steven Howard, Sue Fitzpatrick, Sue Podgornik, Tansey Keys, Tracey Mitchell, Tracy and Peter Hooglan, Tricia Higgins, Vicky Cutler and Yvonne Everett.

Thru Hikers

You are very much a part of this journey, and I am privileged to have met you.

Ace, Alex, Bavarian Blue, Beats, Becky, Biz, Bling, Breezy, Brian, Buff, Bumble Bee, Cabbage, Captain Hook, Cat, Chimes, Colin, Cory, Cous Cous, Cozy Cat, Cruise Control, Dale, De Jour, Doc, Donkey Goggles, Dylan, Emma, Fox-Something, Freight Train, Future, Garratt, Glin, Grim Reaper, Hayley, Heavy Loaded, Hopper, Hot Sauce, Interviewer, Jay Bird, Jonathon, Josh, Juicy, Juicy Fruit, Juke Box, Keif, Kevin,  Kidnapped, Last Minute, Laura, Lebowski, Legs, Linda, Lucky, Lupine, Mac, Machine, MacIver,  Maps, Marmalade, Marnie, Mary, Mary Lou, Mason, Mat, Maverick, Meat, Medicine Man, Merlin, Moose, Naps, Niall, Nick, Nimbus, No No, No Point, Nosedives, Oberon, Olly, Oracle, Paddy, Pin Up, Pinky Purple, Produce, Pumper, Ray, Rory, Ross, Ruben, Rupert, Sam, Sebastian, Semi Pro, Shark Bait, Shepherd, Silence, Siren, Snazzy, Songbird, Sparkly, Squirrel, Staples, Stardust, Strider, Sybil, Tex, The Surgeon, Wizard, Thumper, Tiffany, Tom, Trail Brain, Tripod, Tumbleweed, Twain, Very Slow, Walkie Talkie, Water and White Noise

If I have missed adding your name as a trail angel, thru-hiker, or sponsor I sincerely apologise.  It is hard to remember everyone who assisted me, who I met along the way, and who sponsored me. To my donors, I do hope I acknowledged your support at the time. If I missed mentioning you on this occasion, please know it is just a memory lapse, and your generosity was much appreciated.

Your donations assisted me in raising over $11,000 for Diabetes Australia, for which I am most grateful.

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