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Cycle or walk this popular track in Kosciuszko National Park. Enjoy taking in the pristine waters of Thredbo River on this easy leisurely walk. Plenty of opportunities to fish, relax and camp in this idyllic location.

November 2020

Thredbo, Australian Alps NSW

Day Hike

Start of Track from Thredbo Village

You can either do a car shuttle and walk one way from either Lake Crackenback Resort (16.3km one way) or Thredbo Diggings Campground (13.3km one way) back to Thredbo Village or walk from Thredbo Village to:

  1. 3 Bridges (return) 5km – approx. 2 hours
  2. Rangers Station (return) 12km – approx. 3-4 hrs
  3. Ngarigo (return) 18km – approx. 4-6 hrs

This walk is pleasant enough with great steel bridges to cross over and a plentiful grove of snow gums to walk beneath. Unfortunately, on the day we completed the walk, the most scenic river section, just outside Thredbo, was undergoing renovation. They diverted us to a maintenance track beneath power lines, a far more exposed and less picturesque walking track.

Bridge 1
Bridge 3

You share this walk with cyclists. Walkers have the right of way and most cyclists give you good warning of their approach, but I jumped occasionally when they silently crept up on me. Cyclists like to ride as fast as their skills allow, so I kept hard to the left side to give them plenty of passing room. I found the high cyclist traffic made this a dusty walk. A good shower was needed to freshen up when I returned to the Village.

I prefer the higher elevation walks in Kosciuszko National Park, but the Thredbo Valley Track is a good, protected choice when they forecast wind or bad weather up top.

Grade 3

Suitable for most ages and abilities. This grade can include short steep sections up to 20kms. All the suggested ways to do sections of this walk are Grade 3 except 3 Bridges, which they Grade 2, due to its short distance and level terrain.

Track Terrain

A dirt path the whole way shared with cyclists which only makes it dirtier. Gentle undulating walk along the river side. It is impossible to get lost with the river, a constant companion the whole way.


Next time, I’d consider hiring a mountain bike. A mountain bike novice could easily negotiate this track, although the path has sections of loose scree, roots, and rocky undulations. If in doubt, plenty of introductory mountain bike courses are available in Thredbo to fine-tune your skills. Visit here for more detailed information on this track.

Who joined me?

I joined three friends from my local Sydney walking group. This walk was the least majestic of our three hikes in this region, but a pleasant enough amble alongside a river, and an excellent choice when they predict heavy winds on the higher slopes.  

One of my friends took a quick icy dip in the clean mountain river before we returned after crossing the three main bridges. A nice cold drink and lunch awaited us in Thredbo village to cap off a wonderful stay.

Getting There

The closest town to Mt Kosciuszko is Thredbo, a 5.5-hour 500km drive from Sydney. You can find accommodation in Thredbo at hotels or at lodges if members can invite guests. There are also two camp sites, Ngarigo and Thredbo Diggings Campgrounds, both a short distance from Thredbo, but rumoured to be windy. For cheaper motel or flat accommodation you can stay in Jindabyne, a half hour’s drive away. You can find basic amenities in both towns including supermarkets, petrol stations, chemists, clothes shops, hiking, biking, and skiing gear, and restaurants and cafes.

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